Wednesday, August 28, 2013

With All My Love

Patricia Scanlan

A heartwarming novel about a shocking discovery that forever changes the lives of three generations of women.

When Briony McAllister takes a trip to visit her mother, Valerie, she uncovers a letter from her long-lost grandmother, bringing to light a nearly unforgivable act her mother has kept secret for decades. Having always believed that her grandparents didn’t want to see her, she finds that the opposite is true: her grandmother had been seeking her out all along, and it was her own mother who willfully kept them apart.

Devastated that her past has come back to haunt her, Valerie realizes that her daughter’s anger might cause their troubled family history to repeat itself in a new generation. Rich with emotion and featuring magnificent descriptions of Ireland, With All My Love deftly weaves the stories of the past and present to take us into the heart of a family at war. As the truth is revealed, so too are the complex yet enduring bonds between mothers and daughters (from Netgalley)

My Thoughts
To me, the majority of this story is really about Valerie - how she got involved with Briony’s Dad Jeff, difficulties she had with certain family members and the reason why she and Briony disappeared from Jeff’s parents.

This story was well written. The author did a good job of writing about some of the tensions that can exist when an unplanned pregnancy occurs. I equally disliked both Valeria and Jeff’s mother, Tessa. I have to honestly say that close to the end, I could have shot both of them for their self-centered behavior. Their selfishness grew a bit tiring. Whenever these two connected and started their bickering I would think - here we go again! This ended up being a good tale about forgiveness and acceptance.

Thanks to Atria Books, via Netgalley, for allowing me to read this in exchange for an unbiased review.

Publish date: July 30, 2013.

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