About Me

I grew up and still live in Missouri.  I live with my husband, my Mom and two cats.  Most of my family lives in Missouri, with a few out of towners inTexas, Illinois and Iowa.  I work full time for a large Healthcare organization that has many hospitals.  I am blessed to work from home, which allows for more reading time!  I like the fall, winter and spring, but despise summer.

I like all things book related - buying, reading, sharing, blogging and reviewing.  Hence - my blog name - Bookaholique!  I am definately addicted.  My husband (not a reader) just shakes his head when more books show up.  I always say - be thankful I'm not addicted to drugs and diamonds!  There is just nothing better than a good book!


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Gary, from Goodreads, hopefully the author of much more than a few good mystery books. So, I was chasing around after all the loose ends of my writing career, like actually engaging with people I've friended here and there and noticed your book blog, so here's a hale and hearty hello and a word of appreciation to you for caring so much about the written word! In the beginning, there was...Always loved that line...Also love your line about being addicted to books, not drugs and diamonds.

    Your fellow lover of books,
    Gary Corcoran

  2. Hi Lisa, I would be honored if you would consider reading and reviewing my debut novel, A Dress the Color of the Sky. I have received a lot of great reviews but published indie so having an influencer like you review my book would be amazing. I'd be happy to send you a copy!