Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Shadow Protocol

Andy McDermott


Adam Gray is a cipher, a disciplined loner conditioned not to betray a single emotion. Part of an elite team spearheaded by a brilliant neuroscientist, Gray is a covert agent armed with PERSONA, a device that allows him to copy the brain patterns of the terrorists and operatives he meets in the field. For twenty-four hours he can recall their memories. He can know every detail of their plans. He can be America’s worst enemy—before he’s back to being Adam Gray again.

Now Gray and his team are racing to stop a plot to release a radioactive isotope that could kill millions. And in a nerve-racking clandestine meeting, Gray senses that his cover is cracked and that the mission—not to mention his life—may be in grave danger. But as they fight this violent conspiracy around the globe, another threat has emerged. This one has the perfect cover, the most unlikely double agent, and the most terrifying power of all. For a beautiful young scientist has discovered an unforeseen weakness in PERSONA: Adam Gray’s own past(from Netgallley)

My Thoughts

I have always been a fan of under cover, spy type novels and The Shadow Protocol really filled the bill.

Adam Gray is part of a government team whose activities are supposed to fly under the radar. A neuro-scientist has developed the ability to transfer one persons thoughts and memories to another person. Adam is the only person surgically enhanced to receive the transfer information.The good guys use this information against the bad guys/terrorist to find out about future attack plans.

Wow - talk about action packed - this story was relentless. At a little over 600 pages, I was pleasantly surprised out how quickly I got to the end. I thought the basis for the story was an interesting idea. There were some good plot twist along the way the helped to keep the this moving along. This was my first Andy McDermott novel but won’t be my last.

I’d like to thank Random House-Bantam Dell, via Netgalley, for allowing me to read this in exchange for an unbiased review.

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